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This season of the Atlanta Housewives is about to get LIT. Next week, the first dramatic scene of the season will hit - and it involved what is being described as a "physical fight"

The fight pops off between Eva Marcelle and new friend to the show Yovanna Logan.

The drama pops off during a dinner party - thrown by Nene - that all of the Housewives attend. During the party, MTO News confirmed, Yovanna gets extremely drunk and belligerent.

And during her drunkenness - she goes on a rant, and eventually she gets physically violent with Eva Marcelle. The insider explained, "Security had to break it up. It wasn't really a fight, but Yovanna put hands on Eva and Eva was ready to brawl."

We're told that Yovanna was so drunk - that she was unable to walk out of the event, without assistance. The tipster explains, "I'm not saying that Eva can fight, but Yovanna was so drunk anyone could have beat her."

Yovanna has a history of alcohol issues. She was on the WE show Bridezillas, and she got extremely drunk and belligerent there too. Here is a clip of Yovanna's drunken antics on Bridezillas.