PHILLY Shootout Caught On LIve . . . And Two Of The HITTERS . . . Didn't MAKE IT!!!

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A shootout occurred in Philadelphia - and two men were killed. The entire incident was caught on LIVESTREAM. The incident started out when a man was streaming, in a very DANGEROUS hood in Philly. All of a sudden, a gun battle breaks out.

Almost as soon as it starts, two of the hitters go down. It's not clear that they had enough time to defend themselves. Three other men - who were also under fire - draw their weapons and start firing back.

Here is the video - WARNING contains GRAPHIC content

Eventually the men decide to retreat, all the while they were shooting back at the attackers. The three men appear to have escaped with little to no injury.

Unfortunately the first to hitters that got caught didn't make it. MTO News is told that police HAVE THIS VIDEO and are looking it over for evidence.

Here is the video - WARNING contains GRAPHIC content