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PHILLY Rapper Freeway Is Really Sick . . . Lost 70 Pounds . . . Needs KIDNEY TRANSPLANT!! (PICS)


Remember 1990s rapper Freeway - well he's not doing too well. The Legendary lyricist needs a kidney transplant desperately - or he may not survive much longer.

In 2015, the rapper suffered from acute kidney failure. He went in for a routine check-up and had to be rushed to the hospital to receive an emergency dialysis. Now the 40-year-old now has dialysis three times a week to remove excess water, solutes and toxins from his blood.


His health has continued to deteriorate - and Freeway has now lost about 70 pounds. He's actively looking for a matching kidney donor - so that he can get a new organ.

The Baltimore Sun interviewed Freeway TWO years ago and back then he needed a kidney. They wrote a profile of him and here's what they had to say:

“It’s a lot of things I have to stay away from. For instance, potatoes and potato chips — one of my favorite foods. I can’t indulge in them like I used to,” Freeway said on the phone Thursday from his house on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Then there’s the toughest part: How much water he can drink. 

“I can only take in 32 ounces of fluid a day,” he said. “Especially in the summertime, I have to really monitor what I drink.” 

Life is drastically different for Freeway these days, but he’s turning his disease into a catalyst for raising awareness, which explains his trip to Baltimore. Not only will he receive dialysis treatment while here, but Freeway will meet and interview patients to get feedback on how their treatments are working. The visit will be filmed for a documentary about Freeway's life after his diagnosis.