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It appears that Kanye West isn't the only hip hop artist that's a fan of President Donald Trump. Popular Philadelphia gangster rapper Dark Lo claims the he "respects" the President. And he even says that he wants to "have lunch" with the controversial leader.

Dark Lo made the explosive claims in his new song, Jogging Easy.

In it, the Philly rapper says:

I respect Trump, he says what he wants (that's my n*gga)

An honest President, that's what y'all want?

Most politicians, they put on fronts

Now Trump, real sh*t, we can go for lunch.

Listen to the audio (begins at 2:20)

As you can imagine, many of Dark Lo's fans are upset with his political position. Here's a sampling of the comments from fans - taken from the comments under the video:

Rappers praise everything bad and vapid and's on brand.

So he respects a man who literally spews dog sh*t from his gaping mouth..these free speech defenders are amongst the worst

dark Lo has multiple songs glorifying el chapo, who is almost certainly a racist