Popular Philly rapper Dark Lo was arrested today by officers believed to be federal agents. So far the potential charges against him are unknown.

Dark Lo is famous for his music, and for being the right-hand man to the notorious Philly rapper and gangster AR-AB.

AR-AB, real name Abdul Ibrahim West, is currently on trial in federal court, he's facing drug and distribution charges against him. If convicted of all charges, he faces life in prison. A grand jury indictment released last month accused the rapper, and eight other men of possession with intent to distribute heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, and related offenses.

And according to multiple sources, a person close to AR-AB is believed to be snitching on him at trial.

AR-AB and members of his OBH crew were picked up by federal agents nearly a year ago. Feds charged the crew with alleged drug trafficking and multiple counts related to distribution. 

Police claim that the North Philadelphia raid collected large quantities of cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin.

Up until now, Dark Lo was thought to have avoided being caught up in the legal drama.

Hundreds of Dark Lo's friends and fans are taking to social media, asking for his release:

As of late October, AR-AB is in custody on federal drug charges, accused of heading a drug-distribution ring with bases of operation in Philadelphia and supplies coming from Los Angeles.

The indictment charges AR-AB with using two properties in North Philadelphia as bases for the alleged drug operation. The indictment also says that members of the alleged drug ring rented waterfront apartments near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Penn's Landing under fake names to prevent an investigation into their backgrounds and detection by law enforcement.