PHILLY BEEF???? Allegedly Meek Mill Is THROWING SHOTS At Philly's TOP GOON Ar-Ab . . . And Ar-Ab RESPONDS!!!

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There may be some EXPLOSIVE BEEF brewing in the streets of Philly this summer. We hope the rumors aren't true, for EVERYONE'S SAKE.

According to the website MreckTV, there's beef between the TOP Philly artist Meek Mill and top Philly GOON Ar-AB.

Word is that Meek took a SUBLIMINAL at AR-AB, when he sent out this post:


And AR-AB almost immediately responded with this:


Bot AR-AB and Meek mean a lot to Philly. But they're also too STREET SMART to take any DIRECT shots each other in public. If there is BEEF between the two, it will likely be handles IN THE STREETS.

We hope MreckTV is wrong about this . . .