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Pharrell's Wife HELEN And KELIS Look Like Twinsies . . . They Have The EXACT Same Swag!!


Pharrell definitely has a type of woman that he likes. His wife Helen showed off her new look . . . and it's surprisingly similar to Pharrell's EX-GF Kelis.

Before Kelis got with Nas, she dated Pharrell - and the two worked together to make Kelis career grow into super stardom. But once Kelis blew up, her and Pharrell split up.

A few years later, Pharrell started dating model and fashion designer Helen Lasichanh. The couple eventually got married and had a son together.

But even after all these years, you can see that Pharrell likes a particular TYPE of girl.

Look at the two ladies most recent looks:


The lovebirds have gone from strength to strength since Helen gave birth to their first son Rocket, aged 10, in 2008.

In January last year, the duo took on more parenting duties when they welcomed triplets into the world.

The married pair, who ensure they make time for each other outside of their parenting duties, have yet to reveal the names of their triplets.

In March, the father-of-four was caught gushing over his wife as he revealed he was in complete 'awe' of her.

Pharrell told ES Magazine: 'I'm in awe of women and my wife. To carry another heartbeat inside your body for nine months — in my wife’s case she had four heartbeats — is beyond anything a man can give back to the universe.

'To give life. That’s something that has changed me, just the infinite amount of respect and gratitude I’m blessed with.'