Pharrell Williams Declares Juneteenth A State Holiday In Virginia

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Super producer Pharell Williams stood alongside Virginia governor Ralph Northam this week to declare Juneteenth as an official state holiday.

"From this moment on, when you look at the vastness of the night sky, and you see those stars moving up there, know that those stars are our African ancestors dancing," Williams said. "They're dancing in celebration because their lives are finally being acknowledged."

"This is our chance to lead by example. This is our chance to lead, to truly embrace the importance of Juneteenth and treat it as a celebration of freedom that black people deserve," he continued.

"This is about proper recognition. This is the chance for our government, our corporations and our citizens to all stand in solidarity with their African-American brothers and sisters."

Juneteenth is a celebration of the end of slavery in America. Many are snubbing July 4th and are gearing up to celebrate their first Juneteenth this year.

Target also announced that the day would officially be a paid holiday for it's employees.