Phaedra Parks has reportedly ended her relationship with radio personality, Tone Kapone.

According to the Jasmine Brand, the split was mutual - and the couple continues to follow each other on social media. The pair have been dating since early January (at least publicly.)

The split comes amid rumors that Phaedra may be making a return to Bravo's' Real Housewives of Atlanta.' Phaedra was booted after she spread a rumor that Kandi Burruss had threatened to drug and rape Porsha Williams. The rumor could have cost Kandi her reputation if it were not for the fact that during a reunion show, Porsha put Phaedra on blast.

Kandi has stated that she will not be returning to the series if Phaedra is allowed to return to the show.

“In real life… if somebody says to you or says about you that you tried to drug somebody and sexually assault them… and it comes back that person was lying on you, would you want to work with that person? That’s how I feel about it,” Kandi explained to The Breakfast Club back in March.

She added: “That’s kind of scary to me. Because in the future when things are happening, you don’t even know why it’s happening. But then you find out it’s a person off in the corner that’s been doing all these things. That could happen again. And they could do it better next time because then they know not to tell anybody else that could really let the cat out the bag.”