Peter Gunz Spotlights COVID-19 'Cheaters' During Quarantine


There may be a global pandemic on, but that isn't stopping Peter Gunz and his camera crew from running up on folks out here cheating on their partners during quarantine.

Back in February, the former Love & Hip Hop: New York star shared an image of him with the Cheater logo and the caption: "Who better to help you catch a cheater than Peter? Don't ask no questions just tune the f*ck in!!

In a clip from social media, Gunz and his mask-clad crew appear to roll up on a guy in a club who is out cheating on his partner.

But, when the crew rolled up to the man sitting at the table with the woman, she pulled out a bottle and smacked the lady over the head. She says that she is the "wife," and that Gunz had helped the woman that her husband had been cheating on her with.

Gunz is seen trying to calm the situation, without a mask after all hell breaks loose. 

Will y'all be tuning in?