Peter Gunz From LOVE & HIP HOP . . . Is Engaged To 18 Year Old Girl!!! (PICS)

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Peter Gunz from Love & Hip Hop is engaged - to an 18 year old girl, MTO News has confirmed. Peter and his new teen fiancé have been seeing each other now for about 3 month s- and they already are ready to get married.

But there is one problem with is new engagement. You see, Peter's STILL married to his wife Amina. She went on social media yesterday, and roasted the HELL out of him for getting engaged to a younger woman.

Amina called Peter and "old sugar daddy, without the money." Cold blooded. Look:


Things have always been messy between Amina and Peter...The former flames, who are in the middle of a divorce seem to want to let the whole world in on a conversation that could’ve occurred over a simple phone call.

It all began on Labor Day when Gunz posted a graphic to his Instagram that said “Age is just a number.”

A report from Madame Noire reads:

“Interesting. Are you goin to talk about your personal experience that is currently happening in your life?” Amina wrote under Gunz’s post in response.

The couple’s cast mate Rich Dollaz jumped into the comments to laugh at Amina’s direct line of questioning. “Buddafly, you something else back on dat bull**** I c!!” he wrote.

“So what’s going on with Rich and Amina?” Gunz began as he went live on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. Cleary he wanted to keep the drama going, insinuating that Amina and his former creep squad goon may be more than just friends.

“Is there an age limit on who you should date?” Gunz begins. “I done told the world already, I would never subject anyone to the publicity that they would get for messing with me. A woman would get demolished, ‘what the f**k is wrong with you stupid bitch, he got 10 kids, he’s a dog.’ Why would I ever put somebody out there for ya’ll to lynch you feel me? If that was the case,” he said.