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Peter From The Atlanta Housewives Is SNITCHING . . . Claims That Phaedra 'KNEW EXACTLY' All About Husband's Criminal Activity!!!


Peter Thomas from the Atlanta Housewives is SNITCHING on co-star Phaedra Parks - and he may not be telling the TRUTH either.

You see, Phaedra's husband Apollo was arrested and convicted of federal fraud, but his wife was CLEARED OF ALL INVOLVEMENT in any crimes.

That ain't stop Peter from trying to implicate the PROMINENT LAWYER in her ex-husband's crimes. Listen to what he told radio station Power 98 yesterday:

"She’s a liar... There’s two Phaedra Parks... Y'all don’t even get it... She knows exactly what Apollo was doing when he was doing it... When he was committing bank fraud and all that, living up in the Buckhead house with her."

"She knows what the man was doing when he got three or four cars and can't show you a pay stub..."