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The rumors that comedian Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are dating - have now officially been confirmed.

The couple were spotted hold hands yesterday as they left Pete's stand up show at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old 'SNL' star held on tight to 45-year-old Kate as they left the Coronet theater. They then beelined it to their hotel in Santa Monica.

There have been rumors circulating for weeks, ever since the two were seen together at the Netflix Golden Globes afterparty.

The couple have a 20 year age difference, Kate is 45 and Pete's 25. 


A few days ago, Kate spoke out publicly about a horrible medical incident she recently endured. Kate claimed that an ovarian cyst exploded inside her, and left her in tears as she was pumped with morphine in hospital.

The actress said she felt "wobbly" after the traumatic experience this weekend. She told fans: "Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry.

"So thankful to everyone who looked after me #wobbly."

Here are the pics she posted, showing her with tubes in her nose as she lay in her hospital bed.


According to TMZ, as for history ... Ariana Grande and Pete called off their engagement October 14. As for Kate, her husband, Len Wiseman, filed for divorce in 2016. It's unclear if the divorce has become final.