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Personal Shopper Allegedly Defrauded Kevin Hart Out Of $1 Million!!

A personal shopper for Kevin Hart allegedly defrauded the Hollywood actor out of $1 million!

Dylan Syer was arraigned in New York yesterday on charges including grand larceny. Syer allegedly used Hart's credit cards to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Syer reportedly helped himself to various luxurious and coveted items including Patek Philippe watches, Louis Vuitton bags, and a Sam Friedman painting.

Hart hired Syer in 2015 -- over time, he began to use Hart's credit cards to move cash into his personal accounts and bought items that he had FedExed to his home and business. Syer racked up $1.2 million on Kev's cards over two years.

Cops are currently searching for over 20 collectible art-world dolls from KAWS. He's back in court on Feb. 17 and faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.


District Attorney Katz said, "No one is immune to being targeted by fraudsters. This defendant, who owned a personal shopper business, used legitimate purchases to gain access and then allegedly continued to

charge the actor's credit cards for astronomical sums of money."

The DA continued, "The defendant thought he was beyond reach and was living out his uber-rich lifestyle fantasies. But my team uncovered the bogus purchases – from the credit card charges being processed by the

bank, down to tracking FedEx packages delivered to Syer's home and business. This should serve as a cautionary tale for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a celebrity or not, anyone can fall victim to this kind of fraud. It is paramount to keep track of your expenses, check your credit reports and diligently keep your financial information to yourself."