A PERFECT WEDDING!! Devon Still . . . The NFL Player Whose Daughter HAD CANCER . . . Got Married Yesterday In A LUXURIOUS NY WEDDING!! (Look How PRETTY His CANCER FREE Daughter Looks)


NFL Star Devon Still married his longtime girlfriend Asha Joyce yesterday at the New York Public Library.

His daughter Leah was the flower girl and made the wedding announcement on the stairs of the library. Less than two years ago Devon's daughter, Leah, then only 4 years old, was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma.

"After we got engaged we put off on the wedding because my daughter was supposed to be the flower girl," Devon Still said. "When the doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving, we were not sure that we were ever going to get to that point where I was able to watch her walk down the aisle. Now that we are going into the wedding, I think it's finally hitting us that we are over that hump. She really beat cancer."

Not only did Leah BEAT cancer - she destroyed it. She's s healthy now that she was able to DANCE at the wedding with her parents. Check her out below!!