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Pepa From SALT N PEPA Got Complete FACELIFT . . . She's Unrecognizable!!


Salt N Pepa is one of the hottest female groups in history. The three ladies rapped about s*xual freedom, femininity, and beauty. And while their best music was made 20 years ago, it can still be enjoyed today. Their sound and their look is iconic.

Well Pepa just changed her entire look. Her entire face, to be exact.

The rapper/reality star underwent a full transformative face lift. She got her cheeks done, her nose adjusted and her chin filled in. The result is remarkable - you can't even recognize her.

Here are some pics of the "new" Pepa. People on social media are mixed, with their reviews of her new look.

Some of Pepa's fans think she looks pretty with her new face. But others think that she changed too much about her face, and now they can't recognize her anymore.


Here's the video:

Back in June we reported that Pepa had undergone MULTIPLE booty surgeries over the past couple of years. And her latest surgery - has her looking like Kim Kardashian.

The new pics show Pepa with extremely skinny legs - and an oversized butt. And people on social media are letting her have it. Most commenters are NOT in favor of Pepa's new EXTREME body.

Pepa has had a bit of controvery this year, too...She actually stole a pregnant woman's husband. The woman, who is a TV personality and teacher named Jordyn Taylor, was PREGNANT WITH TWINS when Pepa allegedly "stole" her husband. She claims that Pepa started SLEEPING with her husband, then convinced him to leave his family.

Her estranged husband, Deaundre Dean, has been traveling the world with his new bae - Pepa. The two were all over social media together - bragging about their new love.