PICS: People Are Making VERY MEAN COMMENTS . . . About New EVA LONGORIA BIKINI PICS . . . They Say She Has A 'BEER GUT'!!! (We Think She Looks FINE)


Actress Eva Longoria is currently in Greece - enjoying a romantic YACHT VACATION with her husband Jose Baston. The couple looks as happy as ever . . . . but the HATERS ARE OUT FULL FORCE.

Today the Daily Mail published images of the couple - and Eva's in a bikini. The comments of the article are filled with HATE, including:

"Dumpy, flat-chested and getting pudgy. At least they love their holidays and each other."

"Not pregnant. Just really out of shape."

"Okay, I'll say it. She looks too fat to be wearing that skimpy suit. Not flattering at all."

Haters . . .

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic