They're SAVAGING Kevin Hart's Wife ENIKO On Instagram . . . Over 'SCAM' Cheating Tape . . . If She Reads Her Comments . . . She May Have A MISCARRIAGE!! (Poor Eniko)


People are GOING IN on Kevin Hart's pregnant wife Eniko. Kevin recently admitted that a "SCAM" cheating video exist sand that it was edited to make him look like he was cheating.

Kevin claims that he spoke with his wife and apologized - but people on social media are going IN ON HER. Her Instagram comments are BEYOND SHAMBLES.

Poor Eniko may end up in a MEDICAL EMERGENCY if she reads what people are saying about her.

They're calling her all kinds of "E" names - like Enigma, Rib, Enikho, Echo, Enoch, McRib, Karrueche, KnockKnockWhosThere, Enema, Ezel, Enigress, Eucalyptus, Enzyme, Eukanuba, E-Nickle, Enookie, Echinacea, McRib, Eebacca, Eunich, Edamame, Encylopedia, Ergonomics, E-card, E-book, Ecandue, Expressway, Endo, Equinox, Uniqlo, Egg Fu Young, Equifax, Emoji, Etch-A-Sketch, Eczema, Expresso, Eulogy, Enoquo, Epilepsy, Electric Bill, Eggnog, Expired, Enyeast, Eskimo, Enema, Enchilada, Eucharist, Eliminate, Equality, Pork Rind, McNugget, Espionage, Encounter, Eureka, Ecclesiastes, Enyce, Extortion, Eunice, Equator, Ensure, Enrique, Euphemism, Eclipse, Eucerin, Eu de toilette, Emu, Eukenuba, Euripides, Endocrine, Emu bird, Enexus, Erosion, Encino-Man, Enitchy, Ecosystem, Nokia, Enoyoudidnt, Enstant, EasyE, Eumiliated, Eurasia, Example, Ejected, Elmo, Encino, Endurance.

And they're making memes and invading, here are a few samples: