People Are MAKING FUN Of John Legend's Wife . . . Saying She Has BAD BODY!!

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John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen gave birth two months ago, to the couple's second child, Since then she's been exercising tirelessly and dieting - in hopes to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

According to Yahoo News, "In the latest installment of “Chrissy gets real about having a baby,” the mom of two reveals that she’s still wearing her maternity pants two months after giving birth to son Miles."

“I just want to say, I think it’s really cool that maternity pants make it so that you can wear them a long time after [giving birth] and they still fit really well,” Teigen jokes in a new Instagram Stories post.

Teigen, who’s modeling a pair of stretchy black leggings in the video, pulls a face that pretty much matches the upset emoji she used to caption the post.

So far she's losing weight according to a healthy schedule. But it's not fast enough for some people on social media. You see, they are BODY SHAMING John Legend' wife for having a "bad body".

Chrissy posted a video online yesterday, showing off her body, and talking about how she still wears maternity clothes. Here's the video:

And here are some o the comments left under the video:

Damn she looks hit. What happened? That baby destroyed her that bad?

She looks like a cashier at Walgreen's.

She's built like an ice cream cone and her face look like a donut.

she built like a wisdom tooth

She's just ordinary people

People online can be so cruel . . .