People Are MAKING FUN Of Beyonce's BIKINI BODY . . . But It's Not FAIR . . . She's PREGNANT!!

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New pics have surfaced showing Jay Z and Beyonce living their best life. Their family is currently on a $100M yacht sailing around the Mediterranean. But haters have STILL found a way to say something BAD about hip hop's FIRST couple.

You see, Beyonce was wearing a bathing suit - while jumping into the yachts HOT TUB with Jay Z. Beyonce has a nice shape - especially for a woman who is four months PREGNANT as MTO News confirmed.

The couple were spotted kicking back on a yacht off the coast of Italy between after wrapping the European leg of their global tour with a performance in Nice, France. They return to the States for a show in Cleveland on Wednesday. The family has been making time for mini getaways throughout the summer as they tour around Europe.

Over the Fourth of July, Bey, Jay, and Blue Ivy posed for casual snaps of their down time between concerts in Warsaw, Poland and Cologne, Germany. Their smiling portraits were shared to Beyoncé’s Instagram, in a gallery that also included a shot that suggested the family enjoyed a boat ride together.

But Beyonce's haters aren't giving her any reprise from their hate. Multiple people are online suggesting that Beyonce's body is "bad".

Here are the pics in question.

Beyonce bathing suit PIC #1

Beyonce bathing suit PIC #2

Beyonce bathing suit PIC #3 - showing Beyonce's pregnant belly