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Disgraced pedophile Gary Glitter will reportedly not receive royalties from one of his songs being used in the movie Joker.

Glitter is currently serving a 16-year jail term for sexual offenses against children. He was jailed for four months on child pornography charges in 1999, and for three years in Vietnam after being convicted of child sex offenses back in 2006.

There had been a public backlash after the filmmakers were slammed for using his song "Rock n' Roll Part 2."

"Gary Glitter does not get paid," said a spokesman for Snapper, the label who owns the rights to his music. "We've had no contact with him." 

Before the Joker, Glitter has landed song placements in movies such as Meet the Fockers, Boyhood, South Park, and The Office. 

"People generally come to us," added the spokesman. "We don't promote it at all."

Gary is 75 and is not due to be released for over a decade.