Los Angeles Lakers' star Lamar Odom sold his NBA championship rings years ago - in exchange for drugs and sex with prostitutes. Now the pawnshop that bought his rings, is looking to cash out.

The former basketball star's NBA championship rings are currently up for sale. The two rings are set to hit the auction block - and auctioneers believe that they could fetch up to $100k. 

The flashy bling, which was famously pawned by the pro-athlete a few years ago during the height of his cheating scandal during his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, is being sold off by Heritage Auctions in late January.  

The unique diamond-encrusted pieces - weighing 75 grams and 69 grams respectively - features special engravings including realistic portraits of Odom's face and could fetch up to $50k each.

The auctioneers believe the rings will be a very big hit with potential buyers because around the time Lamar sold the rings he had been in headlines quite a bit because of his very his messy split from Khloe Kardashian, and the rings sold were from winning titles with the Lakers in 2008-09 and 2009-10.


The ‘09 ring sees the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy with the “LAKERS” team name covered in diamonds. The sides of the ring read the team’s seasonal stats of “65-17” and depict Odom’s head and player number. The 2010 ring also features a high level of detail with two Larry O’Brien Trophies and a swatch of the Game Seven ball affixed to the interior of the ring. As this was the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 16th championship win, details regarding the number 16 are present throughout — 16 larger diamonds at the face, 16 karat gold construction, and “Sweet Sixteen” engraved below Odom’s head.