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Patti LaBelle has revealed that she was first asked to perform Whitney Houston's biggest hit, "I Will Always Love You." 

Patti revealed the news during a guest appearance on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after show:

"Dolly Parton offered it to me before 'The Bodyguard,'" LaBelle said. "And I said to Dolly: 'Oh, yes. I want to do that song, honey.'"

She continued: "Before I could say really yes, it was in the movie and Whitney killed it. So I have not done it since Whitney, but I plan to put it in my show one day."

Despite not getting a chance to record the song, Patti says she was happy for Whitney.

"I was so happy that Whitney got that song, and it just went like it did," she shared. "That's how show business is. You never know what you're gonna put down."

She also revealed that while she has not had the chance to sing the song as a tribute to Whitney, she plans to include it in her show someday.