MTO SHOCKER: Popular Celeb Is Reportedly LYING About The Paternity Of Her NEW BABY . . . We Spoke To The Man . . . Who Claims She’s CARRYING HIS BABY!!

Original: received a bit of tea that's just so JUICY, that we had to post it here. Obviously, an innocent unborn child is being discussed, so we are going to be sensitive and NOT reveal the name of the celebrity that we are talking about. (We are NOT talking about Tarji P Henson - we just used her pic above for effect).

Anyways, a TRINIDADIAN man reached out to two weeks ago, claiming to be the FATHER of this celebs unborn child. The man EXCLUSIVELY told, "I learned the news that [CELEBRITY] is pregnant, that's my baby." The man, who works as a club promoter in Trinidad continued, "[NAME OF CELEBRITY] came to Trinidad for Carnival. She was with friends, a bunch of security, and a guy she calls her brother. They all came to my club, and I treated them all with respect."

The man claims that as he got to know the lovely young celeb, and that two got romantic. The insider explained, "I am a very well endowed man. Everyone here knows that I have been blessed by God. My friends started joking about it, and [the celebrity] must have been intrigued." He claims that the celebrity was flirting with him all night - and into the next day.

The handsome club promoter claims that the parties continued non-stop through the next day. But that after the second night of partying, he and the celebrity went back to her hotel room. The club promoter explained, "There were a lot of women there interested in me, but I was more interested in [the celebrity]. She asked me to come back to her [hotel], and I obliged her."

The Trinidadian man claims that they had sex at least THREE TIMES that night, and that they did NOT use protection. The man explained, "I don't believe in [condoms]. I leave it in God's hands, if he wants to give me a baby, then he will give one to me." The man already has six children, all living in Trinidad.

And why is he so certain that HE is the one who impregnated the celebrity. The handsome island man told, "You know how you just feel something in your bones. I feel it."

We should note that the Trinidadian man has a DARK SKINNED complexion. We'll know SOON ENOUGH whether he's telling the truth or not . . .