Pastor Troy Pays Tribute To 'Little Women: ATL' Star Minnie Ross

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The country was shocked to learn about the death of Little Women: Atlanta star, Minnie Ross -- and rapper Pastor Troy hopped onto social media to pay tribute to the late reality television star.

"I think back to meeting Minnie, man. Minnie was probably 17 or 18 years old. We were in Chatanooga Tennesee in one of Miss Magic shows. (What's up, Magic) Minnie gets up on the stage while I'm up there. I done pick Minnie up. I'm dancing with her and stuff. The whole club just having a good time. I'm telling the club -- I'm on the microphone and I am saying 'Alright, Lil mama is gonna go home with me tonight.' Everybody just laughing and having a good time. I'll never forget it," he says in the video.

"We come out of the club. They got us parked in the back and everything -- Club letting out. Get back there to my truck. Minnie is on the hood of the Dually truck. We like 'what?' We trying to figure out how she got up there. That Dually truck was high, man. Minnie said, 'I climbed up here.' Just being able to climb up on the hood of that trunk -- I had love for her… it was on ever since."

"It's crazy, shorty move here from Chatanooga and made a name for herself down here in Atlanta, GA. Everybody can't do that. A whole bunch of people ain't did that. I just have the ultimate respect for her. Much love to her mom, God bless you, Mom."

The pair once dated on the show.