Pastor Troy has called out T.I. over a recent post on Instagram where he claimed that he, Ludacris and Jeezy ran Atlanta.

T.I. is seen posted up with Luda and Jeezy in the post which he captioned:

“These faces along with a host of others (that look like US) laid the foundation for the infrastructure/artistic ecosystem you now know as Atlanta,” T.I. wrote. “THIS OUR SH*T & WE RUN THIS CITY,” Don’t get it FU*K’d UP!!! We’ll adjust the temperature to make it as HOT or COLD as we see fit. If we ain’t wit it… it ain’t SH*T!”

Pastor Troy took exception to the post and reposted the image with a caption of his own:

"I sit Back and see all this stuff on IG and Laugh. Y’all see them and Think whatever Y’all May, I see them and Say, “I’m on All 3 of Their FIRST Album...So who am I to This CITY?!!!!” I didn’t call nobody to get on they albums, They Peopled Called Me...”Why?” Cause I had this City on Click Clack Lock. My Biggest Regret in The Rap Game was F*cking With Niggaz that wanted my Spot, Because I Didn’t Have To," he wrote.

His rant did not stop there:

"I needed more Allies to make this ATL Gangsta Rap Scene Stick...So I worked with Everybody. Man, Going At No Limit Made Our Gangsta Rap Scene In ATL. Don’t EVER get that Sh*t Twisted!!! “We Ready” with that Phone Call To P, Opened All The Doors For ATL Gangsta Rap Scene Today...N*gga, I stopped the Tank!!!Put some Respect on My Name!!!~P.T.Cruzza #FactcheckMe #DSGB #Luda #LilJ #TIP #OnAll3FirstAlbum #TheyNotOnMYFirstAlbum #WARinATL"

But it appears that Pastor Troy did not pay attention to the first line, as T.I. mentioned that there were others who should have been included in the picture when he wrote “These faces along with a host of others (that look like US)."

Troy may have started beef over nothing.