Pastor Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant has spoken out against Kanye West's support of President Donald Trump.

"Kanye West is a gifted lyricist. My problem is in between the songs. It ain't on the album. The album is hot, it's good. It's in between the songs. I can't rest with Kanye saying that slavery was an option," Bryant reportedly told his congregation.

"It's in between the songs that he says black people should vote Republican because that's the group that kept us free. I can't rest in between the songs when Kanye would endorse Donald Trump, who has never done a thing for Black people but say this is the way that is going to give us resources. It's in between the songs that he endorsed him, and because he endorsed him, Donald Trump thought that he was going to come into Atlanta, Georgia, and nobody was going to check him."

West has slammed Black Democrats as "brainwashed," and has stated that he intends to run for president as a Republican in 2024.

Bryant loves Ye's new Jesus Is King album - but thinks that the rapper needs to revaluate a few things:

"It's in between the songs. In between coming to New Birth, he left out of new birth and went to the Bahamas, and when he went to the Bahamas, he didn't say anything to his orange friend about those who are struggling without housing without resources, without access," Bryant said. "In between leaving New Birth, went to Salt Lake City and said to a crowd of 98 percent white people that he is proud of standing with Donald Trump and is not going to be bullied by anybody."

Does he have a point?