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Pastor 'RAISES CHILD FROM THE DEAD' . . . During Church Service . . . Mom Passes Out!!


MTO News obtained shocking footage that man say shows a Christian pastor bringing a child BACK FROM THE DEAD. An extremely popular church called the Living Faith Church Worldwide, claims to have footage of a MIRACLE. The church has more than 2,000 members.

Obviously there are others that think that this entire spectacle is an elaborate HOAX perpetrated by a crooked con man - the church's leader Bishop Oyedepo.

But according to one church member - Grace Williams  - the Bishop raised her daughter from the dead.

Here's her testimony:

My daughter returned from school on Thursday 21st June, 2018 safe and sound with no traces of ailment whatsoever. After taking her lunch she decided to sleep, but after long hours of sleep I went to check on her and discovered that she was lifeless.

I quickly raised alarm but all efforts were to no avail. Her body became stiff and cold. All hope was lost. I quickly rushed the baby to the church amidst crying and wailing with the slogan “Operation 615 is blessing and not sorrow”.

The Pastor collected the baby from me and laid her on the altar praying. While the prayer was going on the Resident Pastor kept saying “Jesus the God of my father Bishop Oyedepo do it again”. Miraculously, I suddenly saw my baby moving her body and crying.”

The pastor brought out the child a few hours later DURING CHURCH SERVICE. When the mother saw her daughter alive and well, she fainted.