Pastor John Gray Caught Cheating On His Wife -- Again!!

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Pastor John Gray has once again been accused of cheating on his wife.

Vlogger Tasha K released video footage of the pastor allegedly on a video call with his side piece, Mary.

Gray trashes his wife Aventer Gray in the clip for not cooking before showing his son in the backseat of their car, who agreed that his mother doesn't cook. Gray claims that because of Aventer's lack of culinary skills -- he has to give his son frozen pizza.

Another clip appears to show him telling Mary to grab her two-piece swimsuit and her mask for a trip to Cabo. He showed off a private jet. while showing video of a private jet.

"You got an hour to get ready. We going to Cabo, so bring your mask and your favorite two-piece because we out," he told her in the clip.

The pastor was accused of cheating on his wife last year but denied the allegations.