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Pastor Joel Osteen is defending Kanye West against critics who say that his recent walk with God is just for coins - saying that his love of God is "genuine."

"I feel like he's definitely genuine. He seems like it to me," Osteen told TMZ. "I mean, only God knows a person's heart but hey, I'm from giving people the benefit of a doubt. He seems like it to me, and every time I'm around him, he's a great guy, sincere. And he loves to help people now, to lift people's spirits, so that's a great thing."

The pair first got together when Kanye brought his Sunday Service to Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston back in November, and it seems like this is only the beginning of their collaborations. Most recently 'Ye's forthcoming appearance at Yankee Stadium in May of 2020 as part of Osteen's America's Night of Hope event was announced. It looks like there will be more events on the way as well.

"I want to do more. He wants to do more, so we'll see. We're talking about some other events too, so we'll see what happens," Osteen said. It's likely he'll be a part of Kanye's upcoming Jesus Is King Tour.