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A New York pastor named Ed Citronelli is going viral - after he released a video where he cures a woman who claims that she was possessed by an "or*l s*x demon." 

The woman told the pastor that she has been repeatedly raped by a demon, and that the night before the video was made - the demon forced her to perform or*al s*x on him.

The pastor jumped into action on the video. He placed his hands on the distraught woman and began praying over her.

The pastor then asked the woman to regurgitate the s*men that the demon deposited in her mouth the night before. The woman then spits a thick white substance into the garbage.

Here is the video of the pastor in action:

The video has gone viral already, and been seen by more than a million people on social media.

Pastor Citronelli claims to have healed hundreds of people, and cast out dozens of demons and evil spells. Here's what his website claims

[Pastor Citronelli] massive miracle crusades of sometimes 60,000 people in attendance and growing are marking nations for the Kingdom of God. The sick are healed, the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the cripple walk, demon spirits are cast out of many, satanic curses are broken and even the dead have been raised, all in the power of the Holy Spirit and the wonderful and mighty name of Jesus Christ his Lord.