A South African Christian pastor has died from what doctors  are calling "purposeful starvation." The 44-year-old pastor was attempting to fast for 40 days, as Jesus is purported to have done in the Bible.

According to Buzz South Africa, pastor Alfred Ndlovu decided back on June 17 that he wanted to, "equal or break Jesus Christ’s record of fasting for 40 days.”

Unfortunately, he didn't make it to 40 days before be died. He didn't even make it to 30.

Buzz South Africa claims that he died less than a month later, even though pastor Ndlovu had no history of illness. Unlike Jesus, the article claims, "Mr. Alfred’s body didn’t rise from the tomb, his body was found by a stranger who was hiking through the wilderness."

The article continued, “he was known by his family and community at large as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains and his death surprised everyone, even church members.”

While we support everyone’s right to practice what they believe in, we’re sure that when the Bible said “think and act like Jesus,” and this is not what was meant.