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A disturbing video of a Black female passenger verbally abusing a flight attendant has circulated the internet. 

Reports state that the passenger "threatened a flight attendant" before landing at the LAX airport, but the video offers no clue as to what started the altercation.

The video was filmed by a passenger sitting behind the enraged woman.

The passenger can be heard calling the flight attendant a "p***y a*s n****r" and even warned, "I'll get off this plane and have some n*****s f**k you up!" before calling him a "a gay a*s white skinned n****r".

The passenger, who was clearly aiming to deliver the roast of the century went on - "You look like an androgynous a*s n****r, you androgynous, you probably suck d**k you Prince looking a*s n****r."

The video was submitted to Newsflare. The passenger who recorded the rant reportedly said "She went on for over an hour yelling, cursing people and threatening multiple other passengers. Police escorted her off the flight once we landed." 

Watch the shocking video footage below.