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Paris Jackson Has A Wardrobe Malfunction . . . And Her Boobs Look SAGGY For A 20 Year Old!!


Paris Jackson enjoyed a cigarette break and suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction as she enjoys the view from her hotel balcony in Venice. And paparazzi were there to catch it al.

And people are already weighing in on the way Paris "looks" in the images. Many people are saying that Paris - who smokes cigarettes and ets random tats all over her bod - may be living a "hard" life.

Along the same line of criticism, other commenters are suggesting that she has "saggy" breasts for such a young woman. Paris just turned 20 years old - and people are suggesting that her body should be "firmer" at that young age.


Recently, Paris Jackson was in the news because she stormed out of a fashion show. Vogue reported that Paris responded to reports that she "stormed out" of the Dior Cruise show this past weekend.

Over the weekend, Paris arrived at the show taking photos, excited for the start. She even spoke to a magazine telling them, “I love horses very much. I’m ecstatic.” That all changed when she saw how the horses were being used as props in the actual runway spectacular. The publication wrote of the event afterward, “It all proved too much for Jackson, who huffed out barefoot, having earlier asked two assistants to help her out of her high-heeled sandals.”

After the initial reports speculated about her reason for exiting, Tuesday evening, Paris took to Twitter to explain her departure. She wrote, “to be clear, i did not “storm out” of the show. i quietly got up and walked out trying my hardest to not cause a scene, because i do not support animals being branded and whipped. not trying to become enemies in the fashion world in any way, but i will always be myself.” She added a second tweet that read, “furthermore, i was not ‘enraged,’ just taken by surprise and a little heartbroken.