Paris Hilton has spoken out about her infamous sex tape, claiming that she would not have been vilified in the #metoo era like she was when it leaked in the 90s.

Hilton faced the wrath of the general public after an ex leaked the tape when she was just 20 years old.

"Thank God," Hilton told the LA Times. "Back then, people were acting like I was the bad person or the villain -- Today, if that happened, whoever did that to the person would be [vilified]."

She opened up about the impact of the leaked tape on her life and said that her views on relationships were forever changed.

"As a little girl, I always looked up to Princess Diana and women like that who I respected so much," she explained. "And I felt that when that man put out that tape, it basically took that away from me because, for the rest of my life, people are going to judge me and think of me in a certain way just because of a private moment with someone that [I] trusted and loved."