Parents MURDER Their 10 Month Old Baby . .. And They LIVESTREAM IT!!! (VID)

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MTO News learned of one of the most heinous crimes - in the history of the internet.

A man and woman are charged with MURDERING their 10 month old baby - on Livestream, The incident occurred on May 1st, in the Latin American country of Peru.

According to local reports, the parents photo'd above walked into the local police station in Yungayo - a small town in Peru. The couple was carrying a dead 10 month old baby.

The couple told police that the baby got sick, and died on the way to the hospital. So they were bringing the child to the police station to ask for "directions to the morgue."

The police escorted the couple and their passed child to the morgue, but quickly became suspicious of the couple. Eventually the police officer's suspicion rose to the level of probable cause, and the parents were taken in for questioning.

While sitting in the interrogation room, a VIRAL VIDEO started trending in the country of Peru - it appeared to show the parents MURDERING THEIR BABY.

Here is the video - warning it is graphic

The video shows a woman stomping and beating a child. Then the woman appears to pull a knife, and stab the baby in the back.

Police got wind of the video, and immediately arrested the two - they are being held on suspicion of murder and child abuse for their heinous crime.