Papoose and Remy Ma are about to change the nature of their relationship substantially.

According to Papoose - the rapper plans on going into semi-retirement, so that he can be. a stay at home dad when he and wife Remy's baby is born.

Papoose made the announcement last week - on the daily talk show The Real. Pap has never been shy about showing his love and excitement about being a dad.

Well on Thursday, the rapper dropped the bomb on The Real with his wife Remy.

Pap revealed that he wants to be a stay at home dad. Papoose told the woman that he can’t wait and has even been taking classes on things like “diaper changing.”

While Pap is not working, Remy is expected to step up and be the sole breadwinner for their family.

Its not clear when Papoose intends on going back to work.