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Papoose Confirms Remy Ma Is Not Pregnant!

Papoose set tongues wagging weeks back after he appeared to confirm that his wife, Remy Ma was pregnant with their second child together -- he now says this is not the case.

"Within that in vitro process, there are necessary steps that we have to take for us to have a baby," he told 93.7's Jenny Boom Boom. "At the time when I made that announcement, my wife woke up one day and said 'Hey, I'm ready now since it's Covid, we're locked in. I don't think it's going to stop me from working. Let's do it.'" As a result, they went to the doctor and "started the procedure," as he put it.

Papoose continued, "When we started the procedure, I was so excited and I opened my big mouth and I said something about it and people not knowing how the procedure goes, that there are steps you have to take, they took it as she was already carrying our child. But what I was expressing was, 'Yo, we're having the next baby. She's ready because we already have the embryo.'"