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Paparazzi Snaps Pic Of Kim Kardashian In Bikini BENDING OVER . . . She Has 'GRANNY BUTT'!!


A photographer managed to use a high power lens to catch a pic of Kim Kardashian from nearly a mile away. The pic shows Kim revealing her curves as she enjoys a day by the pool. Kim is seen in a white two piece bikini showing off her famous assets while soaking up the sun. 

Almost immediately after the pics were released, her fans and haters began commenting on the pics. Some people, who focused mainly on the FIRST pic below, praised Kim for her body. The commenters were praising how great Kim's body looks, after child birth.

But the haters came out in full force also. The haters, who focused more on the second below pic - where Kim Is bending over. They claim that Kim's body looked like a "grandmother."

Here are the pics: