Pamela Anderson has ended her relationship with French soccer player Adil Rami, amid allegations of cheating.

Pamela, 51, did not hold back as she penned a savage open letter to her fans, exposing her former beau.

“He used to joke about other players who had girlfriends down the street in apartments close to their wives,” she wrote. “He called those men monsters. But this is worse. He lied to all. How is it possible to control two women’s hearts and minds like this. I’m sure there were others. He is the monster.”

She then continued her angry rant in the comments section:

"Narcissists don’t change. Sociopaths don’t change. I will run for my life - I have always fought for truth and justice. - this is my worst nightmare - I was not a very jealous person before I met him. I’m happy to know the truth. But it hurts like hell. 🙏"

After this lengthy rant, we doubt a happy reunion between the two is likely.