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Palm Beach Florida rapper JayO Sama was shot and killed yesterday, MTO News has confirmed.

The buzzing new rapper died of gunshot wounds Sunday afternoon, and Palm Beach Police are classifying his death as a homicide.

Police found Jayo shot, bleeding, and unconscious inside a car, where he was the passenger. The driver of the vehicle fled, police told MTO News.

JayO Sama was rushed to the hospital, where doctors trained to save him. Unfortunately he died at the hospital. 

What's even more sad is that Jayo was expecting a baby. Here is is last week, bragging about having a son with his girlfriend:

Here is some of his music, which he just released last week:

Jay Sama is the latest in a string of rappers being murderer. In 2018, a record high 209 rappers were killed.

His death was confirmed in an Instagram message from Sama’s friend, 12Honcho. 12Honcho wrote, “”F*** Palm Beach F*** Florida RIP My Lil N**** I Can’t Lose Anymore ….. RIP JAY O!!!!!” He added that he constantly told Sama to leave Florida because “The Hate Is So Real” in the state.” Sama was a native of Fort Myers, Florida, and group up in Lake Park, just north of West Palm Beach. He first gained notoriety with his December 2016 song, “Intro.” Sama’s star continued to rise with the release of his June 2018 mixtape, “Zumb Freestyle,” with rapper Soldier Kidd.