40 year old Jennie Mai from The Real has been all over the news and media recently, bragging about her new relationship with legendary hip hop artist Jeezy. 

Well, there's now a growing controversy brewing all around Los Angeles - over just HOW Jeannie ended up with Jeezy in the first place.

You see back in 2016, Jeezy - who is the father of three children - proposed to his long time girlfriend, Mahi. Mahi, who is from Ethiopia and is considered Black, is the mother of Jeezy's youngest daughter Amir Nor. 

Jeezy and Mahi ended their engagement early in 2019, according to one of Mahi's friends. And a few days later, the first picture of Jeezy and Jeannie Lai appeared online.

And one of Mahi's friends suspects that Jeannie Lai might have been a "side chick" during Jeezy's engagement. 

Mahi's friend explained, "Jeezy broke up with [Mahi], and a couple of weeks later that hoe is on TV talking about how 'special' Jeezy is to her." The friend explained, "When did he become 'special' to that b**ch, was it while he was engaged."

Mahi's friend ended saying, "That b*tch Jeannie Mai is fake. I can't wait for Jeezy to leave her." 

Here was the first public photo of Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, from back in January:

At the time, Jeannie explained that she and Jeezy were seeing each other in a non-exclusive way. Jeannie told the audience, "Jeezy and I hang out." “He’s very special to me, so we don’t really have a label to define what it is we’re doing. We’re just having a good time together.”

Last week, Jeezy and Jeannie Lai made it official. They came out as a couple to People magazine. And Jeezy and Jeannie Lai seem happy together:

Oh and FYI - here's Jeezy's Black baby's mother Mahi: