Pablo Escobar's Family Suing 2 Chainz Over Restaurant Name

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The family of late drug lord Pablo Escobar is reportedly suing rapper 2 Chainz for millions over the name of his restaurant, which is based in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, they are claiming that the Escobar Restaurant and Tapas is in violation of federal law due to using Escobar's name and likeness without any authorization. The lawsuit is said to be for at least $10 million.

Escobar Inc. says it owns the trademark to Escobar's likeness, and Chainz uses the name to generate traffic and sales -- so he owes them some coins. 2 Chainz reportedly has Escobar's likeness painted inside one of the locations. 

Last month, the restaurant was shut down by the Georgia Police for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

According to an incident report from the Department of Public Safety, the restaurant's manager for the eatery was cited after public safety officials received complaints that there were too many people inside the restaurant and bar.