Outrage Over Video Of Minnie Mouse Teaching Kids . . . To TWERK At Party!! (VIDEO)

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A viral video is getting a lot of people talking, The video shows a children's party in Baton Rouge. And in the video, a "Minnie Mouse" dancer is hired for the kids. But Minnie's actions are controversial.

You see, Minnie spent some time teaching the children - mostly girls - how to twerk dance. The video shows Minnie offering instruction to the little girls while hip hop music is being played.

And the music had many vulgar lyrics in it. One of the songs is called "Show Me How You Ride That D**K." 

Multiple online posters are so "outraged" by the videos, that they claim they would notify child services in Baton Rouge.

Here is the video:

Part 1 of Dance Party

Part 2 of Dance party