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OTF Rapper Doodie Lo Responds To Child Abuse Allegations!!

Doodie Lo has responded to allegations that he sexually abused the five-year-old son of his girlfriend by putting screws inside his anus.

FTN Bae said her son was pooping himself way more than regular and when she asked him what was going on, he alleged that Doodie was abusing him.

Doodie took to IG with his lawyer to deny the shocking allegations.

"This sh*t beyond me," Doodie said.

His attorney said: "We just kind of want to address everything that's going on. It's very, very serious and we want everyone to know that we're taking it very serious because when we're talking about children and things happening to children, that is very serious."

"Just to start, people can't make certain accusations without evidence," the lawyer continued. "That's called defamation. A lot of people know what defamation is, once you publish it, it's out there in the universe and the damage is done. Many people have visited Florida, live in Florida know, the police pretty much will come and get you if they have even a modicum of evidence against you for a crime."

Listen to the five-year-old boy's account below: