Rapper OT Genasis: Keyshia Cole's Feminine Area 'Smells Like Fish'!!


Rapper OT Genasis and R&B singer Keyshia Cole have been embroiled in a "beef" for about a year now.

And last night OT decided to step things up by saying that Keyshia Cole's lady parts "smell like fish." 

(see video above)

But OT didn't disclose how he came to know that Keyshia Cole suffers from feminine body odor. So there's no way to know if there is any truth to this. Not to mention the fact, that saying that a woman stinks "down there" is a standard insult men throw at women when they have nothing else to say.

What we do know though is that he made the extraordinary comment last night on Instagram and said it several times. 

So what's this beef all about? 

The beef between Keyshia Cole and O.T. Genasis began over her debut song, “Love (Never Knew)” O.T. covered the song last year, but he changed the lyrics to pay homage to his Crip gang affiliation. 

Keyshia then had the song removed from YouTube, and O.T. started blasting the R&B singer. Keyshia continued to show her disapproval of his remix and had the song removed from iTunes as well. 

She explained her reasons for blocking OT Genasis' song, shortly after the controversy erupted. She told that media that while other artists have covered the songs, such as Trey Songz and Bruno Mars, they didn’t change the lyrics.