An Orlando man got into a shootout with police, and he live-streamed it on Instagram Live.

Laforest Duron Gray Jr., 23, was arrested last night - and charged with attempted 1st degree murder on four police officers. Officers charge that he pulled a gun and opened fire on them.

Here is the video showing the incident:

The incident popped off in Orlando, Florida, when authorities responded to a 9-1-1call about a physical fight in which a man was beating a woman and dragging her into the road by her hair, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived at a garage within the apartment complex and tried to get Laforest to come out, but he wouldn’t comply, the officers say.

Laforest, who was armed with a gun, then barricaded himself behind a car inside the open garage and refused to exit and wouldn’t show deputies his hands or comply with any verbal commands. 

Deputies then opened fire, officials said. It's unclear whether Gray fired a gun, investigators said, adding that a firearm was recovered at the scene.