Former Disney star Orlando Brown has claimed that his pregnant girlfriend has ghosted him.

Brown took to Instagram to share a picture of a sonogram, and posted a lengthy rant about the current status of his relationship:

"My girl is pregnant and [nowhere] to be found… And I was set up again yesterday…" he wrote.

"I'm focused… no drugs… clear mind finally back on track but for some reason I just can't be happy and live my life with who I'm in love with because greedy and envious people who own the world already refuse to rest until I'm officially dead," he continued.

Brown added that he believes that he is being intentionally provoked to make bad decisions - but says that he will stay the course:

"They are waiting on me to snap and end up in jail… and it won't be me nor my girl's fault. So to those demons out there trying to provoke me to lose everything… immaturity is a disease… not a choice! What's mine, is mines, said The Lord Thy God Selah…. Blessings manifest"