MTO EXCLUSIVE: Oprah's OWN SCANDAL . . . She Allegedly HIRED AN ACTOR . . . To BASH Black Women On Iyanlya's Show . . . All For RATINGS!! (Oprah . . . Say It Ain't SO)


Oprah Winfrey has some SERIOUS explaining to do - to the millions of African-American women who watch her channel.

This past weekend, Oprah's OWN Network show IYANLA: FIX MY LIFE aired an episode with a man, who was BASHING African-American women. The man, named Koro White, was a part of a group of men - who are BASHING Black women. The men claim that they will NOT date Black women, because of their "deficiencies."

They talk about Black women being "angry," and Koro spoke about how he is practicing "abstinence" and that Black women are not interested in a man who practices abstinence.

Listen to what they said about Black women here:

Well apparently all that BASHING of Black women was all for ratings. Here is what Koro's frat brother said of Koro's appearance of Iyanla Fix My Life:


Here is Koro watching the Iyanla show, with his friends. The pics were taken from his Facebook page, clearly he doesn't have any issues with Black women: