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Oprah Winfrey is standing by her decision to host a 'Leaving Neverland' special after the documentary aired on HBO.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Oprah was asked whether she regrets her decision to take part in the controversial special where she interviewed Michael Jackson accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

"No, I don't regret it. It wasn't really regret, it was just … actually, I was having dinner with friends and they were saying, "We saw you were in that." Like, "Why did you do that?" This is what happened. I saw it, and I was shaken by it. I wasn't even shaken by the fact that it was Michael Jackson, I was shaken by the fact that [filmmaker] Dan Reed had done a really good job of showing the pattern, and for years, I had been trying to show people the pattern,' she told THR.

"I'd been trying to say it's not about the moment, it's about the seduction. The first thing I said to Gayle [King] when we watched it was, "Gayle, you've got to get those guys [on CBS This Morning]." She Instagrammed about it, and I go, "No, you shouldn't Instagram, you should just get those guys."

Oprah announced back in March that she would be teaming up with Apple to deliver a series of projects and a book club.